Meet Your Captain & Crew

Meet Your CaptainCapt. Scott Reynolds

2_pic1Capt. Scott Reynolds of the Majesty has over 30 years experience

Capt. Scott is married to Rosemarie, together they have 4 children. No one wants you to catch fish more than Capt. Scott Reynolds! Captain Scott loves his job, loves to fish and is an avid hunter, (he is a much better fisherman than hunter he says.) Capt. Scott is a down to earth kind of guy, he don’t blow smoke or just tell you what you want to hear. His goal in business is to always provide his customers “The Best Value, Best Service, Catch Fish And You Will Come Back Again And Again” it’s true and everyone on his crew sticks to it. Capt. Scott has proven himself as one of the best. After owning the King Neptune for years, Capt. Scott felt it was time for a new rig; so in the spring of 2007 construction on The Majesty began. It took 17 months to build but he say’s “The Majesty turned out better than I had ever hoped.” Then in 2016, Capt. Scott purchased Mayport Princess and renamed it Mayport Princess II.

A customer review from Zac of Asheville, NC says it best:

“If you have ever been deep sea fishing before you know the Capt. and crew can make or break the trip and this crew makes the grade. They work hard and do it with a good attitude. I have been on deep sea fishing trips all over the country from California to Miami and the Majesty’s crew is one of, if not the best. No grumbling or bad attitudes from the mates; no ,matter what is going on they are friendly, accommodating and professional. Captain Scott does an awesome job of putting you on the fish. I pulled in a nice Red Grouper and some beeliners on the first trip and two awesome Red Snapper on my second trip. Not to mention the Sharks, some that were under size and they “ones that got away” Some captains are constantly jumping from spot to spot or some leave you sitting for hours on the same barren spot. Capt. Scott strikes nearly a perfect balance and is friendly to boot. You can tell the all work hard so you have a great time catching fish. The previous reviewer was right on and my thanks to him for his recommendation. I have been out on the Majesty three times and going again in a couple of days.” Zac wrote this word for word.

Meet Your CrewMajesty Fishing and Mayport Princess

Capt. Jesiah “Bo” of the Mayport Princess II

My name is Jesiah and everyone calls me “Bo”. I started working for Capt. Scott since 2006 when I was 16, now 28. I am a Jacksonville native. Grew up fishing and learned from some of North Florida best fishermen. Improving everyday! I got my captains license 2 yrs. ago and has been the Captain of Mayport Princess II. In some days, I also take the Majesty out. I look forward to fishing with you!!!

Ozni “Oz”

I started working for my step father Capt. Scott in 2013 (when I was 16) and is my first job ever! At first, I wasn’t sure if this is the job for me cuz I just graduated HS and didn’t know what to do for college. My stepfather thought me a lot about fishing, boat and the mechanics of it and still learning. Then after almost 5 years now, I got my 100ton captain license.


I’ve been working for Capt. Scott for over 12 yrs. now. I am from Mayport and I love to garden, ride my bike and of course fishing!


Born and raised in Atlantic Beach FL. Grew up playing on the docks in Mayport. I’ve been making a living fishing for about 12 yrs. now. Started out as a commercial fisherman long- lining swordfish, tuna and mahi. I’ve had my fair share in commercial bottom fishing also… walked away from commercial fishing when I had my first son a little over three years ago. I knew I wanted to stay in the fishing business so I became a deck hand aboard the Majesty. I enjoy meeting the tourist and teaching them how to catch fish and seeing their face after they just reeled up 20 lbs. Amber Jack or a big Red Snapper.


I am 24 years old and I started working in the Mayport Princess II in 2012 (6 yrs. now). I just recently acquired my 100ton captain license. I enjoy inshore fishing for redfish, flounder and tarpon. I am a Jacksonville native who grew up fishing our area my whole life. Watching someone catch a big fish for the first time and seeing their excitement gets me fired up and is one of the reasons I love my job.


I have been working on the party boat since 2013. I have a 100ton captain license. I have a Finance major at UNF and coached football at the university of TN for 4 seasons.

Robert “Rob”

I am 41 years old and a single father raising my daughter on my own. Started working with Capt. Scott last April 2017. Commercial fisherman off a couple of boats out of Mayport. Born and raised in Jacksonville. Hobbies – fishing, fishing and more fishing! Any and all kinds of it.

Our Reservation Team


I have been working in the fishing industry since I was 16 and I am now 46 (pretty much my whole life). I love to fish and hunt. I pretty much don’t have favorite kind of fishing (I love them all from inshore to blue water and fresh water). But one of my favorite things is to watch someone who’s never caught a fish for the first time.


Locally born and raised in Jacksonville. Nature lover and been working for Capt. Scott for a year now.