Our Deep Sea Fishing Boats

The Majesty

The MajestyThe Largest fishing party boat in Jacksonville Florida with Air Conditioned, spacious Cabin and Clean Restrooms

The Majesty is a 2009 Chesapeake boat. She is 70 ft. long with a wide beam of 20 ft. a pair of 700 hp luggers allowing for speeds up to 25 kts. This boat has been custom built to Capt. Scott Reynolds specs. She is FAST. Faster to the Fishing means MORE FISHING!

The Majesty is built of composite construction, fiberglass over wood. The composite construction absorbs the shock of the sea allowing for the smoothest ride available. She is equipped with the latest in electronics, galley, heated, air conditioned and spacious cabin, clean rest rooms for men and women, padded interior seating, and a 32 in. flat screen color TV in the cabin. Don’t sacrifice comfort see for yourself great fishing comfortably. All equipment is Coast Guard approved.

Look before you Book

You will not find a nicer Party boat on the eastern seaboard from North Carolina to the Florida Keys. Yea that’s a bold statement, but it’s true. Majesty, simply stated is…………THE BOAT. You will not be disappointed when you arrive for your day of fishing. It’s easy to see the difference from the pictures wait till you see it in person, as they say it’s a “No Brainer.”

Come fish the Majesty and see why we are clearly the #1 choice

As the largest party boat in NE Florida in length and square footage in cabin space and deck space, The Majesty comfortably seats 30 outside and 25 inside, and the top sun deck holds 14.
Remember, a bigger boat provides a smoother ride and less sea sickness. Equipped with comfortable and stable high sided rails. Our temperature controlled cabin features Ice Cold A/C in a large cabin to escape the heat.

Also, available, rider tickets for those family members and friends who do not wish to fish, but ride along at a reasonable price. The riders can photograph their family and friends with their catch throughout the day and on many of our trips we see Dolphins, Whales, Sharks, Sea Turtles and a variety of sea going Birds. RIDERS TICKETS are available for $40.

We look forward to fishing with you.

Mayport Princess II

2_pic1The Mayport Princess II is a 1998 65-ft long Bonner-built boat also limited to 45 passengers.

Nothing says Florida’s First Coast like a fun day at sea. Whether you and a friend want to catch the big one through a day of deep sea fishing, or if you just want to soak up some sun with some friends, Captain Scott Reynolds and the crew of the Mayport Princess II will make it happen.