fishing trip schedule for october and november months are from Thursday through sunday only!                                                   please  call to book your trip.  online reserVATION is not available.  WE APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS.


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People Fishing and Charter Boats

The Perfect Boats for Your Fishing Excursion

Enjoy an unforgettable fishing excursion aboard The Majesty, a Chesapeake boat made in 2009. At 70' long, with a 20' wide beam and a pair of 700 HP Lugger engines, this is the largest party boat in Northeast Florida. She accommodates 30 outside, 25 inside, and 14 on the top sun deck. Enjoy cold AC in the cabin, complete safety, and high top speeds.

Our fishing charter company offers rider tickets at the low price of $50. These tickets are a great choice for those who want to come along and see dolphins, whales, sharks, sea turtles, and sea birds, without fishing. Contact us today to learn more.

The Mayport Princess II

This 65' Bonner boat was built in 1998. She accommodates 45 passengers, making it for the perfect choice for a sunny day at sea with friends and family.

Mayport Princess II